STATUS UPDATE: I'm Here. Still.

Well then my hopefully faithful readers, I have some news.
Don't look at me like that when I say that- I said news. Not good news, not bad news, just news.
Because of the difficulties I'm having in articulating an exact "status," it may seem to be a bit foggy to you readers, but I will tell you what I can. What I know. What is concrete, immediate and even questionably relevant.
The exact happenings of the past few weeks, are somewhat delicate, personal, and disputable. I have started part 1 of the book just recently, and plan to write at it furiously. This is where everything will be going down in terms of a full story, and details, but for everyone following this blog, like I said- Ill do my best to explain what is my place to explain.
For better, or for worse, I am the only one who will be taking on this next portion of the trip. I don't know what the future will hold entirely, anything could happen.
Brian has respectfully decided for personal reasons, to go his own way, and I for one, wish him the best of luck.
Dylan also has some things that will hold him in Milwaukee for longer than he hoped, however at some point, it is very likely he will re-join me on my journey.
Byron, was only loosly intending on coming with, however, he found a job to keep him in K.C.
That leaves only me of course. What am I planning on doing? Well, heres what I know. For one person, I have WAY too much shit. This trip is going to be entirely different because of all the recent changes, and cutting down will be my first order of business. I am stuck in Milwaukee until I can get the gas money to get the fuck outta here. Seeing as this trip has been my only plan for over a year now, I feel like a ghost. I can't get comfortable here, because I don't feel like I am here. Since most people think I'm gone, it pretty much means I am gone, and the past week has been difficult. I haven't slept for shit at night, and all I can seem to do all day is sleep or read- LUCKILY, my APPLE WINE, turned out pretty good, but my dumb ass has been binge-drinking apple wine for the past few days and just being hung over and depressed. Now that I have it out of my system, its time to wake the fuck up and get off my ass. Thats what this blog signifies. Time to go.
Im here. Still. I can sit here, or I can get movint- the choice is mine, and all I know, is that I am done sitting.
I'm gonna try this new system of sleep that I always thought about, one that seems more natural to my wierd schedules- Ive been sleeping from morning or noon, to evening, and then just staying up and writing. It is when I am most inspired, so why not right?
I feel really good about the start I just got on part one of the book, and I will post a few excerpts soon. Heres the vague plans I have to get going and BE GONE IN NO MORE THEN 2 WEEKS.

1. It is too damn cold to camp anywhere north, or even N.Carolina right now- My first stop, is a place called mustang island. It is about 50 miles from Corpus Christi off the gulf coast in SOUTH TEXAS. They allow beach camping free of charge.

2. I have 0 dollars, heres what I have in assets.
Ford F-150 120k miles= 1000 bucks.
Pop-Up Camper= NEEDS TO BE FIXED, but after that, 300-700 bucks
15 Gallons of Apple wine= MAKE ME AN OFFER haha

Basically, I need to sell the pop up in the next 2 weeks, and then I can use the money to get down to the Padre Island beach area. From there, I can either arrange a living situation out of the truck, and my tent- OR I can sell the truck and backpack. I am not sure what I will do yet, and I may not decide till I get to the Beach. I am making NO decisions about where I will go after S. Padre islands, until I get there. Heres some pics of the place.