VIDEO WORK: The Gifford Pinchot Zombie Apocalypse Trailer!

    With the trail crew season at its half way point here in Trout Lake, WA, the Northwest Service Academy puts on its annual "summer summit" shindig where all the teams scattered about the Northwest return to the Mt. Adams Center for some lighter community service projects, and the chance to finally re-group and enjoy each others company before heading back out for the second half of the season. At the very end of the week, each team is asked to put on a performance or skit of some sort, and since I had the available resources to shoot and edit video, my team decided to make a zombie apocalypse trailer!
       The character I play is actually based off of our sponsor and trail master from the Forest Service who will remain unnamed as requested. Everyone else in the piece is my lovely fellow Gifford Pinchot trail crew, who you have yet to be formally introduced to. The inspiration for the piece arose from our constant trail discussions revolving around Zombie apocalypse scenarios, and the general implementation of our trail tools as weapons against the living dead.  
     In the end, we had a helluva great time putting the piece together on such a short time-frame, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Here's a few pics from the shoot, and of course, the video itself. Thanks so much to all my homies on the GP team. Enjoy!  

Meet famed hero of the trails, Sean O'neil. He is also my roommate, a furious banjo pickin' mad man, and potentially, the most recent twenty something to go get lost on the american roads for a bit with me. Whatever happens, Sean has been a fundamental influence on me in this stint of the Journey for many reasons, and he'll be a character of importance in whatever literary translation develops from this whole experience in the coming years. I feel like this picture should be on the cover of TIME or something!  

Not too bad eh?

    Be sure to stay tuned for more everyone! I know I've been even more inconsistent than usual with my posting as of late, but I promise you its only because of how much I'm keeping up with out here in my various labor gigs, cooking at the Country Inn, writing and singing songs for a brand new music project, and oh so much more. I've got allot of photography sitting around that I will work on getting up, as well as some "How To's" on trail work, and a peek at some of the music I've been working on with Sean. 
     One thing is very clear to me these days regarding the project overall: I'm chasing the American dream down by the coattails, and I think I'm finally getting to the heart of it!

Until We Meet Again...

Joseph R. Reeves