CHARACTER PROFILE's for "Lil' Ruby," and "Danny Boy"

      As luck would have it for you, my fine readers, I'm not gonna' go too far out of my way to dismantle the recent stint of order that has developed as somewhat of a rogue circumstance in my writing as of late. In fact, I'll do you one better by informing you that I'm actually right on time in delivering CHARACTER PROFILE's for two of the most lovable little folks I met in all of Oregon. It's not only fitting because I say it is- though that would be acceptable as well- but because their place in the telling of my accounts is coming very near, so really, I'm just working a step or two ahead.
Don't just entirely forget where we left off in the last post, mind you. As promised, I will be back with the conclusion to that bit very soon. In the meantime though, enjoy some of the wonderful pictures I got of the magnificent little camera-ham "Ruby," along with the few scarce depictions I got of "Danny Boy," who at this age, is much too cool to be posing for pictures. They were two amazing kids who we had the pleasure of spending time with, through a close friend of mine who lived in Eugene, Oregon.



      It's only fitting that my photographic accounts of young Danny Boy are scarce. I don't remember much of what it was like to be a ten year old, but what I do recall, seems to match up with what I saw in this frustrated young man, who I will refer to as "Danny Boy."    
One thing I picked up on in my time with the kids, was that being a ten-year-old, is largely about defining who you think you are in this world. Danny seemed to be at a phase in which he simply did not know the answer to this question, and I think that accounts for the identity struggle kids his age have to deal with- along with adults telling you who you need to be. 
      Regarding himself, he seemed to be aware of a small list of factors that determined who he was in life. All he was really sure of though- openly at least- was that he was different than most kids. The little bit of insight that society was willing to give him without praise. 
Unfortunately, at his age, and with the cookie-cutter already in place above him, I could see he was going to have a hell of a time reassuring himself that he was indeed, a very sharp kid. 
Danny, if you get around to reading this- remember: your going to have to deal with allot of idiots telling you all sorts of things about yourself in the next ten years. Most of it will be a waste of your time. Do what makes you happy, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish something. Pursue your dreams relentlessly, and don't be afraid to be yourself! Stay gold, Ponyboy! 

     Ruby was a diva of five year olds, and since she will get plenty of attention in upcoming posts, I will make this a painless introduction by showcasing some of the many photographs this bold little character eagerly posed for. I feel the photos capture allot of the essence of this little bundle of mischief's persona, so I will let the pictures speak for Ruby. 

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Until We Meet Again...

Joseph R. Reeves