Heres some nice lil beach photos of our time spent in Daytona. Most of my generation of non-reading peers only look at the pics anyways, enjoy you literetards you! I also figured I'd throw them in there so all my freinds in Milwaukee can question why they dont migrate S with the birds for winter. Seriously now, that cold is miserable! Whats wrong with you all!

5 THIS POOR BIRD ONLY HAS ONE LEG! Me and B.O. were astounded, and followed this little bird around a bit, admiring its unbudging determination.

10 Ohh man, you gotta love that tuna after a nice days walk! Remember, if hobo traveling like us- get tuna pouches instead of cans. There pretty affordable, dont weigh much compared to cans, you can use mayo and condiments acquired from gas stations to make tuna salad, AND its nearly a days worth of protein!

11 Daytona Beache does not allow alchohol AT ALL! (I should know, I got an underage drinking ticket there during spring break several years ago)Beaches without beer, are like... Well, I guess I dont know- I've always had beer at the beach. A good strategy in dealing with the ceaseless turd-bag beach patrol, is to visit your local seven eleven, and discreetly pour your beers into a fountain soda cup. FYI, If you happen to have extra combat boots lying around, they work well as beer cozies (Im sure you knew that though)!

12 Brian busy texting on the phone in the 7/11 parkinglot, as I nervously beg him to hurry the F up, and pour his beer into a soda cup. It goes without saying, that I was told to chill the fuck out while he took his sweet ass time haha, good 'ol B.O.

13 Heres where we saw the bench that said DAYTONA BEACH on it! An obvious highlight of the trip as you can tell by B.O's expression.

14Heres the enormous bridge you cross to get into the heart of the tourist populated city of Daytona Beach.

It's unlikely that you numbskulls even read my account of Daytona, so I will tell you via picture. This was on my birthday, and me and Brian were lucky enough to find someone friendly to sell us ten bucks worth of tobacco. When we got back to the dark tent after not having smoked in almost a month, we shared a whole cigarette, and played with the camera! Happy Birthday Me!

17 Heres what poor Brian's foot looked like several days after having his first experience with FIRE ANTS!

18 "Ohh come on now, this is just beyond sophomoric- Will you guys ever grow up?" In answer to that one: Hopefully not. Geeze, its not like I do this before I go to a job interview or something, worry about your own problems!

19For all you SQUARES out there, this is what shot-gunning a beer looks like...on the side of the interstate... The science of it all is much to complex for me to explain to Y'all, but IT WORKS AMAZING.

20 Being the genius strategist type folk that we are, you'll notice how we slyly crouch up against the big pole so oncoming traffic dosent see us and decide to shotgun a beer while they drive. Leave it to the professionals guys.

Signs in hand, we are finally ready to split this popsicle stand and hitch-hike to Tampa!

21 Ok, so I'm not sure if the smile and wave helped, or scared people away- but it certainly made things more fun, and helped to reduce the inevitable feeling that since your holding a cardboard sign, you are the scum of the earth.


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