STATUS UPDATE (a real lazy one...): Exploring The Music Scene In Portland: I Just Wanna' Dance!

Hello my wonderful friends! Today is my day off, and as I have not had the luxury to write whenever I please because of one of those damned job things; I am facing the treacherous fate of having to force something out merely to keep you people happy. I feel like a damned dancing monkey all of the sudden, but I guess if I can maintain an audience as fine as yourselves- I reallydo mean that sincerely- then I'm doing as good as I could have ever hoped.
The host of characters I have yet to scribe from Portland, is overwhelming, and I haven't even brought you guys up to date on the scattered chronological telling of how we got here in thefirst place (come to think of it, maybe thats an aspect of intrigue that keeps people reading...). I'll get around to it, I promise, but I've been busy making them essential dollars to keep on keepin' on.
On that note, it is worth mentioning to you all, that yesterday was a day of much happening. I put in my two-weeks-notice to the wonderfully melodious captain of the kitchen, Jeremiah Cook. A true corn-fed hero in my eyes, and one of the damnedest of good fine american fellows I've come across in my travels. I'd have really liked to stick around in that kitchen purely for the sake of working for such a helluva great guy. I'll cut all those juicy details short for the time being, because my time at LaurelWood brewery's kitchen was everything from profound to painful, and anything you can imagine in between. I was working 8 hour shifts of contemplative overdrive, so there is much to be said on everything, and everyone- thats for sure.
So I'll step away from where I've left off in our West Coast accounts- being our time living with the oakies under the redwoods in Mendocino County, CA; and I'll throw down some of the photography I've been gathering here in Portland. More specifically, I'd like to put forth allot of the wild fun we've had exploring the music scene here in PDX. Plenty of nights I went out and soothed my agitated soul creatively, by getting wildly drunk and dancing my ass off! Hell, just yesterday we moved our tent into a new back yard- an awesome new pal that jams with one of the bands we took a liking to here in the music scene...
It's time for me to go now though. Why? Because I bought a new harmonica today, and I wanna go play it. So here. Take these, and leave me alone for chrissakes!

Until we meet again...

Joseph R. Reeves

no particular rhyme, reason, or order to any of these photos; my apologies for the haste of my writing as well. I do normally try a bit harder for you guys, but I'm beat...

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