My First "Decentralized Dance Party!"

    As you all fondly remember, there was a point in my travels this last summer where I had decided with two beautiful friends (Ellen & Scotty), that we would start our own dance crew called "Galactic Explosion," and tour the United States dancing our asses off. Wait, hold on-- I didn't tell you about all that? Shit…
    Okay, well surely you know that that whole idea stemmed from the amazing summer of relentless dance I had out in Trout Lake, Washington last year, which was prompted by a psychedelic dance transformation at the Rainbow Gathering-- right? What!? I didn't tell you about all that either?!
    What the hell have I been doing!?
    I guess without having kept up-to-date chronicles of my random lives around the country-- publicly at least-- I can't appropriately express how important dance, and inevitably, music, has become to my life in the recent years. Being so far from the studio, and having to sell my time for money in countless jobs so often, has had allot to do with it I'm sure, but lets forget about my problems for a minute, and focus on dance... 

    Among the whole mess of SxSW madness that takes place in Austin every March, I was lucky enough to have come upon a performative happening created by two crazy guys called TOM and GARY, who are living one of my dreams by touring the United States with one clear goal: DANCE! Thanks to a local friend of mine, Peter, me and Chassy were informed of this miraculous dance party that started on one side of the S. Lamer bridge, and danced all up and down the streets across downtown for nearly two hours!
    I won't waste time pontificating the artistic implications of this performance happening, or its relevancy to the artistic, cultural, or digital realms. Partially because it is surely a squarish intrusion to a form of expression that requires no literacy or theory, and partially because I obviously have much of my own writing to be catching up on. I guess the fact that the event was led by a man with a golden wig, a giant "disco-stick," and a shake-weight, also bears some relevancy, but who should I be to judge?
    These events are called "DE-CENTRALIZED DANCE PARTY'S," and are taking place all over North America as fast as TOM & GARY can put them together. The whole operation is entirely grassroots oriented. They fund their concept through "kickstarter," and though they've gotten some significant national coverage, they seem to promote mostly through Facebook, twitter, and social media sites. Though they have small kickstarter goals to fund their travels, the everyday dancer like yourself only needs to don some spandex, and dance your ass off.
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my experience at the "DDP," and how much I admire these guys for taking such a simple idea, and running with it. I'll post their website so you can find out more about TOM, GARY, and how you can get yourself to a DDP A.S.A.P! Be sure to watch their short little promo video explaining DDP's as well, it's definitely some badass D.I.Y. work! 
Who better to lead our dancing then a man upon a bike-chariot with a shake weight, and a disco stick? 
Meet Peter!
And of course, Liam!



Anonymous said...

What your doing is amazing, I'm reading Colby Buzzells Lost In America, and he references Kerouac's On the Road a lot. The American Journey is something that really intrigues me. It some what falls in line with the American Dream, you are out there keepin it alive with your positive attitude. Your vibe is positive and I'm looking forward to the book man. Keep on Keepin on!

Joseph R Reeves said...

Thanks so much brother! I've got so much more to share that I haven't had the time to put out on the blog. I can't wait to share it! I wasn't as optomistic about the notion of the American Dream when I first began this journey, but when you really just hit the road and leave your fate to the powers that be, you get a true reflection of society. There's certainly plenty wrong with America, but our people are much more compassionate and giving then you could ever see in the headlines. Tanks so much for the support!