STATUS UPDATE: A Moment to Reflect in Milwaukee, AND, On The Road Again- WITH B.O!

Ok, so as seems to be customary with my recent posting habits, I will open up our reading, with my apologies for having been so busy as of late. I have really hammered a good bit of writing out for the novel since my very recent return to Milwaukee, and I am very pleased about this. It's been good being so productive, and of course, seeing all my friends and family again.
My efforts in trying to track down some random freelance writing work have been interesting, but fruitless none the less.As a bit of GOOD NEWS, for a change, I have been communicating with a new
Art/Writing publication working out of TX, called "THE 1580 Review-"(a quarterly art, poetry, and writing type gig). "THE 1580," has selected to feature me as their visual artist, so that's a step forward in my visual art pursuit. YAY!
If you wanna check out some of my visual art, my other blog is pretty stacked with photos and writing about my various array of mediums and pieces- check it out, and PLEASE FOLLOW! WWW.JOSEPHreeves.BLOGSPOT.COM
If you want to check out the art that is being featured on "The 1580," you should do so, it will be posted very soon. It can be seen at www.THE1580.COM
ANYHOW, I have been putting off getting a job as I reallllllly don't want to get one that isn't art or writing focused, but as I have known for quite some time, it would EVENTUALLY come down to me having to grab myself a restaurant job, so I can scrape together some money to make it out west.
That was just what I was intending to start doing- today in fact, EXCEPT, Well...

THE GREAT B.O or, Brian Olsen- My fellow traveling partner from Florida and more, called me a few hours ago with a proposition, or maybe it was an offer- I won't get into the semantics of the thing- ANYHOW...
Apparently Brian has 300-something dollars, and a Honda that gets 35 miles to the gallon, and, well, he's sick of working on cars in Minnesota. To put it in its simplest essence, and in regard to his nature- Brian has shiny ball syndrome. I absolutely love this term, and I consider myself to be of a similar breed, although ultimately- Bryan claims the title on this one. Shiny ball syndrome isn't anything more than the name that describes it. Just imagine a kid who is playing with a ball intently, and the next moment, a different shiny ball bounces past the child- OF COURSE the kid's going to chase down the next shiny ball in gleeful pursuit, probably forgetting the first one altogether, and probably only entertained by the short duration between his catching the ball, and his pursuit of the next one that bounces past.
I strongly believe that if a person is willing to pursue that shiny ball his whole life, even completely ignoring whatever outcomes are resultant from any of the catches- good or bad- that person will have never once fallen short in the unrequited goal that fully living ones life should be. I believe Good 'ol B.O. has an imponderable spirituality within his soul concerning this essence, and I find myself closer to reality (a truly difficult state to achieve in our modern lives) whenever in his company- what the implications of such a statement mean to you, I cannot be sure, but if its a matter of higher regards, spiritually or otherwise, then let it simply settle upon you that it is one of the many glimpses of oblivious god-knowing that I feel Brian has shown me.

Enough about shiny balls and spirituality for a moment though, I was trying to make this a quick status update on my latest improvisational adventures. As I was saying, I WOULD HAVE gotten myself a job here if the -all-too-convenient "shiny ball" offer Brian threw past me, wasn't so sweet. I Spent 260 Dollars on my entire Texas excursion, admittedly that's without including my bail-out plane ride home, 100 bucks- but I don't care, that's DAMN good anyhow. For the past two weeks, I have lived off that remaining 40 dollars for cheap beer, ramen, and bus fare- and now I'm sitting here, 6 months from my original departure to Minnesota with Dylan, Brian, and my old camper- completely drained (financially) aside from 6 dollars that's left from the original 1100, AND SUDDENLY, I get a call from The Great B.O., asking me to take a trip with him and see where his Honda and 300 dollars can get us. I couldn't in good conscience say no to such an interesting proposal.There is simply no choice for me but to go with him as far as I see it. End of story.

Brian will pick me up tomorrow, and I will be entirely grateful that my bag, La Sienda, was never unpacked in my return. We will leave Wednesday morning, and all we know, is we will head west- probably not Cali, but who knows. Any suggestions?
Until we meet again...

Joseph R. Reeves Esq.

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