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I've been putting a prolific amount of work into the novel in the past few days, and I still have SOOOOO MUCH content to keep up with here on the blog as well! Most of the characters and stories I have, deserve more than a quick once over, so to give them the proper attention they need, I will need to spend some substantial time. THAT BEING SAID, I have a nice little stack of quickies at my disposal- not to imply any sense of worth on the actual people, but some characters I spent allot of time with, and some I only met briefly. This is one of the latter occasions, and to make sure things are somewhat fresh, I figured I would throw this down for Y'all while I take a breather from the novel.
Everyone meet Sara! (this is the part where everyone replies in unison: Hiiii Saaaraaaa) I met Sara on my first night in Austin, while staying with my first "Couchsurfing" host (who will be depicted in further detail soon). It was a cozy little place with 5 people who lived in it, and Sara was one of their girlfreinds. I didn't really get to spend too much time with Sara unfortunately, but we all had a blast the first night in austin playing jenga, and drinking lone star and Jameson- they sure know how to treat a guest eh?
I could have easily put her profile with some of the other room mates that will later be introduced, but since Sara was so inherently photogenic, and I am kind of an art nerd- I took the opportunity to flex some of the very unique portraiture I got out of her while staying there at the house.
Having walked the line in some of the "fashion photography" scene a few years back, I can say that it isn't quite my gig. I tend to work towards a much more "alternative" or fine art style, and quite frankly, the go-go social flair that most people enjoy about working in that genre of art, tends to override much of the integrity of the actual product- that certainly isn't to say that there isn't still amazing work out there, I just didn't have the patience to "hang,"or whatever you kids say nowadays.
Having loftily claimed all that, I do still find great excitement in working with models, and capturing their essence in whatever sense that is unique to them.
ANYHOW, Sara was amazingly cordial, and I had a great time getting made fun of about good old Wisconson- What state is Milwaukee in??

I'm sending out a monthly e-mail that will have one ORIGINAL short story, Novel excerpt, or poem of mine, as well as any new info regarding the WRITING/PUBLISHING of "THE LAST GREAT american NOVEL"
Send me your e mail address at JOSEPHREEVESART@YAHOO.COM, and I will add you to the list, and send you this months bit "THE MONSTER AND THE MARK MAKER"
I am totally open to reading/sharing/critiquing anyone else's work too if they would like me to read it. I thought getting art out there was tough, but writing- thats a whole 'nother story! Get it? Story?! I crack myself up.
Until we meet again...

Joseph R. Reeves Esq.

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