So as you can see, my crude rendition of Big Urn might be a tad bit exaggerated, but none the less, I wasn't too far off. You can't tell from the illustration in blue bic here, but this manhad been tanned so deeply that he would put an Umpa Lumpa to shame! His skin was similar to that of a crocodiles, with incredibly deep creases on his neck that were probably similar to the cracks you would imagine on a sidewalk, after dropping a bowling ball from 2 stories onto it. Big Urn, was all and all, a very big guy, and a very interesting character.
While walking almost all day in the sweltering heat of Florida trying to hitch-hike, we finally lucked out when Big Urn pulled over to us in his enormous Pick up truck. He drove us to Orlando in no time flat, and told us stories of his experiences as a roofer who ran his own business. Of course, there is much more to it than all that, but the whole account is told in the last STATUS UPDATE about our travel to Orlando. I highly recommend you look into it, the writing is of a higher quality then allot of the more typical blog postings that are done on the fly (like this one).
In the next week, you can expect CHARACTER PROFILES for my first COUCHSURFING experience in Austin, and (hopefully) the next chapter in the substantial STATUS UPDATES that have only been told as far as our car ride with Big Urn. Thanks so much for the immense support, and feedback everyone is giving me. IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, please click on the option here on the R side of the page to become a follower. It means a ton to me, because the platform of followers I have, will make a huge impact on publishers when they are considering if they want to take a risk with an unpublished writer like myself. All you do is type in your e mail address. You don't need an account, and you don't get anything sent to your e mail- it simply shows your support. THANK YOU AL SOOOOOOO MUCH, CAUSE I KNOW YOUR GONNA BOOST ME RIGHT UP TO 50 FOLLOWERS NOW RIGHT? Right.
Until we meet again...

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