Financial Dilemma's Here In Austin TX

(wondering how I pulled this overly serious pose off in the lonesome? Since this trip has been solo, I've been fooling with the self timer on my camera- DUH)

Well the inevitable has occured, and I now have to actually make some decisions as opposed to merely observing/reacting to circumstances as they come. I left Milwaukee with the last 300 bucks I had left (from selling the pop-up camper and truck), with the intent to come down to Austin, try out this "couchsurfing" gig, and see either how long I could stretch what little I had, or find some work while I was out here. Of course, given the improvisational nature of my personality, and my recent travels- I figured I wouldn't worry about it until I came to this point that I am at right now, and now that I'm here, I've gotta actually make some moves, and put some plans into action.
The problem, is that I really can't decide what I want to do with myself. I'm having a great time in Austin here, dodging the snow as well as meeting some very amazing new freinds- but the social experience is dense to say the least. It is hard to stay productive in my writing while still being a good guest at peoples homes, and although part of me would be disappointed to cut my stay here short, I am collecting so many experiences in so short of a time. Of course, my love Chassy is in Milwaukee too, and every time I have to leave, I feel like I'm leaving parts of me behind (my heart and my genitals).
Right off the bat, I sent out my cooking resume all over Austin via craigslist, and now that I have gotten some response, I'm not sure if I should try and nab a job here until April, or if I should stretch the last hundred bucks I have couchsurfing, and then do some cooking in Milwaukee. No matter what, I need to work a few months so I have some cash for this next portion of the trip, that I am hoping will end with me and Chassy finding a place to live out in California. I also know that no matter what, I need to be in Milwaukee for April, because I need some time to have everything ready for the APRIL 30th "ART BEAT" exhibition I will be showing in.
So although this would make for a relatively short trip (if I DON'T get a job here), being only 2-3 weeks when all is said and done- I still have plenty of writing to keep up with in Milwaukee, and OVERALL, I have done good getting by so long with that money from the pop up and truck. In consideration of the larger picture here, I definitely need to cook up some cash if I'm going to get me and Chassy through Arizona, Colorado, and finally, San Francisco. As any of my followers know though, watching how drastically different things go in comparison to the way I plan them, is probably half the fun of keeping up with this great adventure.
So as this posting reads, it would appear that my mind is made up in the matter, this is not neccessarily the case though. What would keep me here you might ask? Well, I would need an EXTREMELY cheap living situation (50 bucks a week cheap), and I would need a job that starts soon and won't put me through all sorts of hiring rhetoric (piss tests, background checks, and other such nonsense). Believe it or not, although these crummy jobs and living situations can be difficult to find on demand, it IS possible to make it happen. IN FACT, tomorrow, I will be meeting with some random guy from Craigslist (of course) who has a concrete contracting business in a small town about 50 miles outta Austin (Elgin I think its called). Apparently, he rents out rooms to his workers for 50 a week, and depending on how little your willing to work for, how hard you work, and how experienced you are (along with how much they like you I'm sure). If all goes well, he will be taking me out to Elgin, showing me the room, and if he can give me a few days of work each weeks for 60 bucks a day, I will pay for one week on the spot.
So where will I be tomorrow? Either couchsurfing another week or two, or learning the fine trade of cement or concrete or whatever physical labor he's asking of me. I'll keep Y'all informed, as long as you keep up with me here. Thanks to everyone showing me such support online here, and thanks so much to all my wonderful new friends in Austin who have shown me such hospitality and such sweet stuff in their city! COUCHSURFING.ORG is a MUST for everyone curious about seeing new places, meeting new people, and traveling the world in an innovative, affordable, and socially beneficial way.
Until we meet again...

Joseph R. Reeves Esq.

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