B.O. REPORTING LIVE! 1st Annual Medical Cannabis Cup: Too Medicated To Remember...

Whats up everybody?! I just wanted to share my experience at the MCC in San Fran, that took place this last June.
Good 'ol Ben Meyers of mil town, accompanied me to the event, and I have to tell you guys, it was unbelievable! Smoking hash off of hot stones, vape-bags 12 ft tall, and ALL were filled with tasty medicine to be consumed! Tinctures, cheesecakes, brownies (of course), joints with over a quarter lb in them! It was hit by over 500 people, at least! Hot tattooed women of the counterculture were running around looking absolutely amazing.
I did originally go there, intending to find a career in the field, but after sampling all those tasty goodies there, I felt, well... um... how do you put this? How about, a little too over medicated to sell myself to a marijuana dispensary- at least while being in that particular state of mind. I definitely had one of- if not the most- influential experience of my life. Although the outcome I imagined was not accomplished, I believe in my heart of hearts, that it was a successful endeavor fo-sho! It almost didn't turn out that way however, because there were a few different parts to the cup: an expo of crap where you could buy basically anything related to marijuana, seminars for activisim, the judgement of the best strain out of nearly 40 different local dispensaries, and then my favorite part, the outside section where all the sampling was going on. The only thing was you needed was your prop 215 wristband, and the only way to get one, was to have a med card, and a state I.D.; and between myself and Ben- we had none of those prerequisites for particapating in the sampling.
After walking around the expo for a couple hours, it was time for Ben and I to take our own medicine. First, we tried sneaking through the only door that was outside, complete with a rent a cop standing there. We were close to making it, but not close enough, and you all know how fast a line of pot-heads would move. So that failed, and we were forced to go back to the lobby like a couple of dogs who just got caught eating out of the trash by their master. We sat there bitching up a storm, we threatened to leave, and we even kicked imaginary dust with our feet, while pacing around with our fists jammed deep in our pockets, and wishing only for a med card to be in our possesion.
We decided that for all our efforts, we couldn't give up that easy. So I checked into the seminars that were going to be demonstrated throughout the day, and Ben decided to investigate the amazing benefits of using the vaporizer as a method of exposing the wonderful phsycoactive compounds found in MM (medical marijuana), as compared to smoking this great medicine. So we split up to do our own thing.
It was really funny because Ben was looking at an 80 dollar personal unit, and after i zoned off for a half hr, and I returned to the area where all the retail merchandizers were, I discovered Ben sitting behind the booth of a high end vaporizor company, filling out the warranty papers of one of these grand medical devices. My eyes went from a slit that could easily be covered by a piece of dental floss, to basically- and very literally- eyeballs on the floor! I was very exicted for him, as I'm a strong believer in the benefits to this method of smoking. I knew it would be a few minutes completing all the info on the forms, and I left to go watch the big screen with the catogories, and strain types, that were up for judgement this year. By the way, my favorite one was a sativa called "cheese." Actually, it might have been an indica- my memory of such detail lacks confidence.
Ben came and found me, and when I turned to see him, I could tell he had something really good up his sleeve. Since he bought a $400 piece of smoking equipment, the salesman hooked him up with the prop 215 bracelet, and said i could buy one off of him for 20 bucks. I immediately reached for my cake (money), to get that on my wrist as soon as possible. This is where everything gets a little fuzzy on my memory. I have flashbacks of all that hash, and those vape bags, and tinctures- and that quarter pound joint, was definitely one of my favorite memories.
So in the end, we did it, we penatrated the MCC! Goddamn did me and Ben laugh at the fact that we almost left, out of pure frustration, and we wouldn't have had even a tenth of the good time that we actually did. Most likely, our opinions would have been along the lines of, "it was just o.k."

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