AGHHHH, Yessss- Good old Jim Scotch, what a guy...Kinda... Back when me and Bryan were in Jacksonville NC, and traveling across town in Mark's Jeep- we saw a guy walking down the lonely road, on a grey day, and figured WTF, as might as well give him a lift. We can't be trying to hitchhike through america, and not give back to the hitching community right? That just wouldn't be fair.
So we told Jim we could only give him a lift across town, but he was still gracious of the ride and was happy to get any further then he was on foot. He got in and scooted next to me in the cramped back of the jeep, and noticed I had quite a nice camera around my neck. He was genuinely impressed with its quality, and I must admit, I was genuinely concerned that he might grab it haha.
So in this short ride, he told us he had grown up across the street from a prison in Indiana, but most of his family was here in Jacksonville NC. He hated Jacksonville, as he exclaimed through a run on slew of cursing- this was right before informing us that he knew a bit of french, and apologized for speaking it (of course none of us foul-mouthed guys cared, but I still thought it was funny). He said that he had been looking for work in the area, and had no luck. Such seemed to be the case for most people we came across who were hitch-hiking. I felt strangely about this, cause the last thing I wanted was a job- we were doing this by choice.
We dropped good 'ol Jim off in a gas station parkinglot, and when I asked him if I could get a picture of him- he began to get out of the car nervously before saying, "As long as your not gonna jerk off to it later or something..."
Thats why this is such a quality picture here- Good old Jim, was genuinely worried that we were going to go home and masterbate to his picture, and you can see with the blur, and the expression on his face- he is getting the F out of this car pronto haha.
Most of these hitch-hiking scenarios are like the rules of animals- they're more scared of you, than you are of them. I must admit though, that Jim sure is a handsome fella... Very handsome...

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