This Ones for The Ladies Out There Tonight!

Brians cell is 910 546 6133- Incase any of you ladies might be interested ;)

I suppose you can only appreciate the sexiness of these photos here, ignoring the context of how "well deserved" a nice swim was for me and Brian. We just had to put them up here because of all the female fan letters we have been getting. Yes that’s right, we have been getting fan mail from 90% females, and the bottom line of most of their letters isn’t; how we feel about this or that, or, why we decided to blah blah blah, this- its, “why isn’t their any damn photos of you sexy travelin’ men in your skibbies!?” Well here it is ladies, so no more letters with threats OR proposals any more- I’ve got a women, and she treats me better than any man deserves to be treated.
You would REALLY appreciate the fact that me and B.O. are enjoying ourselves in a nice indoor/outdoor pool, and basically described as, sweet ass house- after getting trough all the shit we went through from Daytona, to Orlando, and then finally, lovely Ft. Meyers.
I don’t feel like telling you about the whole story now either, so if you don’t like it- tough shit. I wrote a whole big ass post for you guys today already, what am I getting paid for this or something?!
Well, keep following, and hopefully within the next post or so, I will have you filled in on all the lovely hitch-hiking, ditch sleeping, fire-ant, and beer shot gunning type fun we had in the sweltering heat.

Joseph R. Reeves Esq.

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