NEW "ART/PHOTO BOOK" NEWS, AND Some Great Photographs For Y'ALL!

So heres some more pics of whats been going down here in the marine town of Jacksonville, NC. Me and B.O are going to be getting out of here between Sunday and Tuesday- we will either catch a rideshare south a little bit (if we can find one for only a couple bucks in gas), OR we will more than likely, just load our backpacks and depart on foot, maybe hitching a ride here and there along the way. Brian has us set up to do some DEMOLITION work in FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, where it will be nice and warm, and where although we may not have a place to stay- we will have the chance to put our urban survival skills to the test. Beach camping anyone? (and not in some sissy camp-ground either! haha)
In another quick note; I will try to post another group of pics before we leave Jacksonville, as we have much material to share, and it is difficult to keep up with.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, is the news that we are continuing to compile TONS of other notes, pics, stories,poems, etc. as we go, to be released in "THE LAST GREAT american JOURNEY," ART/PHOTO book.

This will be a high quality, hard-cover, compilation of the many great photos that I simply do not have time to share via blog, or in many cases, are too high of resolution. It will be much more than just a photo book however, as it will include much of Brian and my notes and journaling that do not make it into the blog, OR "THE LAST GREAT american NOVEL," as well as related poetry, observations, drawings and art work made along the way, quotes from outside observers, excerpts from the novel, and much much more that will be sure to surprise you.
Think of it as a free-for-all intertwining photography, artwork, scrapbook, and a multitude of various writing forms.

"THE LAST GREAT american JOURNEY," ART/PHOTO COLLECTION, will be released just as the final draft of "THE LAST GREAT american NOVEL," is in its final editing stages.
The content of this new ART/PHOTOGRAPHY book will be a collaborative effort between Bryan, Myself, and Chastaine Tallon (tentatively joining us in the spring).
The design team will be headed by emerging commercial design talent, Chastaine Ellyn Tallon, who will oversee the ambitious project and act as the lead art director in helping me achieve my vision in creating a truley unique depiction of our journey through the integration of various art forms, writing pieces; and a sleek, innovative, new approach to book design that will be as groundbreaking as the journey itself.
Coupled with the novel, you really won't want to miss these new, self-made, contemporary works.

For details on investment opportunities, credited contributions, pre-sales, publishing, or professional contributions (design, legal, photography, artist, collaborative, consultation, agency, etc)- contact JOE at:
Joemammaxx23@yahoo.com or

#1- "Sunshine Daydream"

A great photo to add to what will become a collection of self-portraits of me with my head stuck out the window. Seemingly simple, and arguably sophomoric; however I see it as a way of photographically capturing the speed, intensity, turbulance, thrill, and passion that this trip is meant to entice- and if thats not good enough for you, then dammitall, it just makes you feel excited to be alive!
An excerpt from a poem I wrote earlier this year, entitled, "But where does it go from here?" has a short passage that I think speaks to this same feeling; it is as follows:

...All while the bee nearest my foot,
The moth fluttering wind,
And my face seeking that brisk onward splash
As blows through blonde,
As bows through branch
As posed, re-posed,
And infinitely intertwined.

#2- "(Brother Mark's)Home Sweet Home in NC"
It may not be much, but it sure as hell does the job. I enjoyed invading Mark's private little world within the trailer, and in all honesty, it was Jacksonville in itself that drove my crazy. The trailer itself, is golden! Place that puppy somewhere other than here, and I could certainly call it home.

#3- "Me and Bryan's little library/studio"
I really cant imagine that I will find a better set up to do my writing, researching, Craigslisting, or Blogging along the road. I'vev been quite productive in my time here- Im nearly to page 50 in "THE LAST GREAT american NOVEL," and as Ive grown accustomed to typing in my "formal" writing process, I am a bit worried that my work on the road will be closer to notes and ramblings. Only time will tell, I sure aint gonna give up- thats for sure!

#4- "Brotherly Love, Brotherly Play #3"

#5- "Brotherly Love, Brotherly Play #4"
I've got a whole sequence of those damned Olsen boys horsing around. Some good weather comes around, and you just cant stop 'em, they're like a couple schoolgirls! BROOOOOOTTTHHHHHEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

#6- "Red Ryders in the Livingroom (what marines do in their time off)"
You'll shoot your eye out! HAHA, not true at all mom! As a leisure activity around the trailer, mark has a little mini target area set up, along with- wouldn't you know it- THREE red rider B.B. Guns! God I feel like I'm ages 10-14 all over again- except we didn't make drinking games out of the target practice like we did here... Needless to say- and I really am a good shot- Mark whooped me good, and I drank like hell for it. Still though, even as wasted as I got- no one shot their eye out! Take that 20/20

#7- "Fish Market in N.Carolina"
This is the freshest of the fresh seafood here, and I am like a cat when it comes to ANY type of seafood ESPECIALLY oysters. It is all so tasty, and SOOOO cheap in comparison to up north. I didn't have the funds to go nuts, but me mark and Brian did splurge a bit on my favorite delicacy...

#8- "The Cheapest Half-Bushell of Fresh Oysters Ever!"
We must have gotten AT LEAST 150 (a half-bushell) fresh oysters at the local fish market, for $22.00!!! That is obscenely cheap, and when cleaning them off, we couldn't even fill BOTH sinks with all we got!

#9- "So Fresh and So Clean Clean"
That photograph makes me drool for so many reasons, and I will keep most of them to myself. Suffice it to say, I LOVE OYSTERS!!! I know a few amazing ways to prepare them cooked or baked on the half-shell- but thats really for a bunch of bitches- RAW IS THE ONLY WAY AGHHHH!!!!!

#10- "Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?
I don't even know what to say here, except that I am going to get oysters after this blog. I can't afford to really- even as cheap as they are- but they have a mystical addiction to their unique flavor, and I've got the worst craving for them now. For 40 bucks a bushell, I highly doubt that anyone around here needs to buy viagra. We have some good stories about us taking out almost that WHOLE half bushell that same night- but you will have to read "THE LAST GREAT american NOVEL," to hear them! haha, Im so clever! BRIAN's next post, is a story about him and mark consuming a bunch of Oysters before picking me up in Charlotte- and I won't give anything away, but lets just say- you may not be very hungry for Oysters anymore...

#11- "Tank Crossing? Seriously?"
Since mark knows all the passwords and secred marine handshakes, they were able to let a couple wandering hippy type scuzbags like me and brian onto the ENORMOUS Marine Corps Military base that surrounds Jacksonville, called Camp Lejeune. It's got a town within what seems like a GIANT national forest (except that no civillian is allowed in). It seemed like it coulda been a pretty happenin' place if they were more tolerent to us civillian type folk, but im sure someday we can all learn to get along. This is where we buy our beer- actually Mark has to do it for us- but it is even cheaper than Milwaukee! You can get a 30 pack of High Life for 12 bucks!

#12- "Hmm...Beach, Ocean, somethings missing here though..."
No one ever REALLY knows what the fuck is going on in the mind of Brian Olsen (B.O.)- but since this was our first time to see the ocean, first time to have sand between our toes, and one of the best days we had seen weather wise- I can only assume it is the look of a man, who among ocean, sun, and sand- still finds no contentment without bikini's or swimsuits to compliment his beach. Oh, B.O... (SIGH) someday, you'll find whatever it is that your looking for... (probably scantily clad women haha)

#13- "Good Old Brother Mark, Smoking a Cig With a Smile."
Cancer shmancer, if you enjoy fries more with ketchup, use ketchup; if you happen to enjoy your day better with that cigarette, use cigarettes! You damn smokers cant just smoke, and enjoy yourself shamelessly. Do it or dont already, geeze! OHH, and as you can see behind Marks delicious ciggy, he is donning a lovely "Quick 50" Tee Shirt. SHOUT OUT to one of Milwaukee's GREAT emerging bands, QUICK 50! Check 'em out, THEY'REEEEE GREAT! (Tony the Tiger impression)

#14- "Just a Good Old Fashioned, Pretty Picture"
What, are you not allowed to do that anymore in fine arts? I just thought it was pretty alright, get off my back. I've got plenty of abstract, contemporary, and put into layman terms: strange, photography. So what if I like a nice sunset on the beach- your just jealus you weren't there.

#15- "Where I'm gonna go someday"

I like this corny little sequence of photos. Maybe a metaphor for existance? Maybe thats too easy...

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