Dylan Zalewski a.k.a. "D-MONEY"


I am 23 years of age
I am a son, a grandson, a friend, a cousin, a nephew
I am a performer, an entertainer, an actor
I am a citizen of the USA
I am free if there is such a thing

I strive for a universal understanding of the world: the people in it and their relationships with one another and with nature; how these things are connected and how this creates ones environment. I am compelled by wonders before I am by facts. I believe a spiritual existence is imperative to interpreting the self. As living beings we are constantly changing, therefore, in my eyes, the struggle with identity is the most important struggle of all. I believe cultural tradition to be one of the most valuable commodities to the human race.

I am loving, caring and compassionate. I make it a point to be emphathetic to others and their situations. I couldn't live without my family and friends. They keep me going.. I respect them very much and only wish them happiness and good fortune.

I view this trip as an opportunity to clear my head, to see things for what they truly are... a quest for independence and self-reliance... To look beyond labels and away from permanence towards ambiguity and the unknown, where the biggest questions are asked and the greatest truths are unveiled... this journey is a progressive movement across America for myself and for the people...

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