Ok, so my apologies for not having any substantial writing about our trip at the moment, we have been busy and all I have to give you at the moment are these run-on writings that serve the purpose of keeping all you fine people informed about our whereabouts and our whatthefuckyoubeenuptoabouts.
In better news for the near future, I do have some amazing photographs and a few short stories that will be great reading for everyone. ONE that is in the works, is the earlier promised "HISTORY OF J.U.I.C.E." story (DYLAN got branded with the JUICE tatoo, making the 4th member of our gang of JUICERS), and another GREAT tale that is soon to be released, is "THE STORY OF BRIANS WALLET (A.K.A. OUR 1ST TRAIN HOPPIN' ATTEMPT)" These stories are in the works, but it is more important for me to keep up with CREATING a life that is worthy of being a story, as opposed to having substantial writings about mundane experiences that are crafted through the magic of writing to seem much juicier. Put another way, we are making stories, faster than I can write them! So heres the update on the fly for y'all!
Byron is MAYBE coming with on the trip, which means that we are taking him whether he likes it or not- that being determined means that our next stops after minnesota area, will be INDIANA to see Dylans uncle "Dave" for a week, and then south to K.C. Missouri to steal BYRON before heading to MARK OLSEN'S place on the coast in N. Carolina. This is decided for the reasons to grab BYRON A.S.A.P, and to get to K.C. before it gets too cold.
Tonight is supposed to reach 30 degrees, and last nite was about 40. We had no intention of putting up with these bullshit weather conditions, and we need to get the hell outta' here and toward somewhere nice and warm, or even hot for all I care. Just not cold. I have still slept very comfortably however, I have a perfect system of wrapping myself in a blanket before zipping my sleeping bag up tightly. Even though I wiggle out of the blanket, it keeps me fit snug and retains plenty of warmth, so dispite my complaining, the camping conditions arent as bad as I have made them out to be.
I made a killing on the little bit of silver, and the tiny amount of gold I had by going to several pawn shops and finally finding the weakest link. I got 125 out of the deal, which isnt too shabby. Dylan got about 70 bucks for his video game stuff, which dispite his high hopes, is still not too bad at all- we certainly have developed a polished skill for working these pawn places, and are currently selling a bunch of other miscellaneous items on CRAIGSLIST, which has served us greatly as a marketplace for our random assets, and good old fashioned hustling.
We hope to have my truck sold for 800 or so by the end of the week, and BRIAN is still dilligantly working as an auto detailer from 8am to 5 pm. I appreciate this whole heartedly as does Dylan, but we hope to assert the fact to you all, that we will ALL have our turns holding down jobs across the country. Of course, Brian is well aware of this, and works his ass off without question. A true brotherly trust is maintained between us three as we bicker, fight, plan, plot, drink, love, and achieve in an interwoven triad of perseverance, hope, and hell. I am now already beginning to understand that this trip takes away any sense of friendship we all once had, as we are now all huddled in each other's personal space and living quarters. The relations that remain are solid, brotherly, critical, and forgiving as we equally share our failures and our success's. The other aspect that has been developed in my mind as a result of our 25 mile walk on the traintracks (THE STORY OF BRIANS WALLET)- is that this IS NOT a vacation, even though at times it may feel as such. It is an ADVENTURE. We are as likely to be exposed to termoil and uncomfort, as we are joy and pain. Our recent experience trying to hop a train was a great example of pain and discomfort, however, I am still here writing to you fine people, and now that all is said and done, I am glad we did what we did.
We are needing to get off of NATES lot soon, and are currently looking for desolate areas or free campgrounds to set up a new camp. I will keep you all posted on our newest stories, and hopefully, I can solidify some of the great tales that we have already managed to create in our journys! Until we meet again....


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