By B.O: Bryan's job search In jacksonville NC (Craigslist is GOD!)

PLEAse everyone give craigslist a round of applause with out them this journey would not be possible(APPLAUSE MOMENT) thank you. Now that Joseph is on his way down or is at least 6 hours from the start of coming I thought it is high tide to start making a even bigger bank roll for the journey So I set my sights on all the little body shops and used lots in this little town of Jacksonville NC. well to my surprise it was a little discouraging The car biz is at a hault right now in this fair city. none the less I was persistent in finding a place to build my income now mind you I had a high amount of confidence, and the reason being last Friday The very first place I stopped into (Williams auto a body shop) I landed a gig wet sanding and buffing a few cars for the following wk. So with this great discoverment I thought To my self money is no object in the meaning I will have plenty to do. Well I defiantly counted my chickens before they hatched. so with the mind set that this will be easy I set out onto the city of Jacksonville were I've never came across more dealerships more body shops in my life, per square ft. and wouldn't you know it 0 for 12 people no work in the car biz what so ever. So I go home with my head hung low and my tail between my prevariabale legs and sat at the dining room table and thought shit lets hump craigslist.

So for the next couple hrs I fumbled around with nothing jumping out at me and discouragement rising in my soul Then like a an oasis in the desert it appeared THE NUT NOOK TEMP WORK. Temporary work my god The fucking jackpot at first there was no number for contact but there was a website. I hastily typed it in and looked for dates of employment needed I didn't see anything about temp employment. But low and behold on the very last fucking page I came across a number and it was the owner of the biz Ginny. I stumbled out of my chair with excitement nearly ripping my phone charger out of the wall, miss dialing her number with my excitment trembling hands like every seconded counted at this moment, after a few dialing errors i got the number right and to my surprise I got a real live person a woman's voice to my enlightenment I hammed it up with Ginny for like ten minutes and secured a position selling Cinnamon roasted nuts on black Friday at 9am and the following wk end now the pay isn't what I'm accustomed to but I'm very grateful for the opportunity. plus the position does come with benefits. (Working at the mall on black Friday (ladies shopping)so at least I will b working all the while people watching making money witch I can appreciate). Thank you Craigslist you make my life very convenient and pleasurable. SO with a good solid day of searching I found employment persistence and not giving up goes a long way. Plus not to mention This job will bring about some great tales that I might be able to tell my grand kids about. TO BE CONTINUED...

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