STATUS UPDATE: Possible Opportunities to Get the F Outta' Town!

Greetings and Salutations everybody! Nice to be on here regularly again for a change- If anyone cared to notice I now have 16 Followers to be writing for! Really, that means alot to me, and although it may be silly, it really does give me the bit of self assurance I need to know you are all faithfully keeping up with whats new in my life! Before I spout off my latest news, I will say that if you ARE reading this, and you are not one of the awesome supporters I have listed in the right hand collumn, PLEASE take a second to do that for me, and click the option to "FOLLOW" this blog. The OTHER reminder I had to put out there for you wonderful readers, is that this is my traveling blog, and I will keep you up to date with my in process novel as well- BUT, it is my livlihood to make art in this world, it is a byproduct of ANYTHING I do, so I highly encourage you to check out, AND follow my other long going site www.josephREEVES.blogspot.com It is where I can post my latest art pieces, and although there is a plethora of good photos on there, I also do keep up with a bit of writing about what each piece means to me- a bit of artist insight if you will.
IN OTHER NEWS, as I was planning a few days ago to sell my truck here in Milwaukee to save the gas money it would cost me to get to N.Carolina- it seems that I have come across another rare and exciting opportunity that will hopefully lead me a bit of a different direction. Through my go-to hustling site Craigslist, that has a WONDERFUL ridesharing section, I have found a fellow that is willing to pay me 600 dollars to drive his giant 15'X5' eco friendly water tank to Houston TX! I am talking to him currently to see if I can fit it into the bed of the truck, or if I will need to rent a trailer type device...
If this ends up going through, I will be leaving around this FRIDAY, and I will make it to HOUSTON with HOPEFULLY, some money left over from his 600. This will mean I can either sell the truck right there in Houston, or somewhere cool in Texas- OR (MORE THAN LIKELY) I can just drive it from Houston up to N.Carolina to get set up with my Backpacking gear, and then sell the truck there. Either way, It should get me to N.Carolina without having to pay anything in gas AND, if I can manage to find someone on Craigslist who wants a ride to Texas too, and he will split the gas cost with me- I could actually make 300 by traveling to somewher I wanna go already!
If this all worked out, it would be sweeeeeeeet! but if not, I will continue trying to sell the truck and will hopefully be on my way to N.Carolina be the end of the week. What a sweet adventure it would be to take the Houston trip though, I am working with this fellow this week to try and plan things out accordingly. I will keep you posted on the latest news! Untill we meet again...

Joseph R. Reeves

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