STATUS UPDATE: The Truck is Outta the Shop, and Ready to Buy! Joe is off of his Ass, and Ready to Fly!

Well, now that the power steering is finally fixed and the good 'ol truck is outta the shop- all I need to do is sell the damn thing, and Im off for North Carolina. Although I change my mind like I change my underwear (almost every day), my current direction with the trip, is to sell the truck here in Milwaukee (hopefully for 1000 bucks), and then, challenge myself to getting to North Carolina on a budget of 100 bucks.
Although I'm tempted to try (for the third time) to hop a train, I think I will wait till im somewhere warmer before I submit to this urge. My main options, are to get onto the "Rideshare" section of Craigslist, and get as close as I can to N. Carolina for a low offer of 50.00 or so, and bus it, or hitchhike from there (I may have to lie a bit, and low-ball them by pulling the "its all I have sir, honestly..." trick) OR, I might check into MEGA-BUS tickets which are extremely reasonable, OR I could fuckin' fly there by flapping my arms hard enough with excitement! Im so close you guys, Finally!
Im close to 20 pages into the novel, and im feeling pretty damn good about what I've got so far. OF COURSE, the short preface I have posted below, seems stale to me now that im into the formation of the writing body, but Im not too concerned at this point. I've been avidly writing many hours a day, so I feel pretty, Oh so pretty about all that. If I'm feeling manic enough tonight, which is very possible- I just MAY decide to post a short bit for everyone to laugh about. We will see though.
Although the idea of doing this trip as largely backpacking, is intiminating, I am also very excited about its possibilities, and the lack of focus on money that it will add. I can survive off of honey buns and canned beans for the whole next year if need be! Mark Olsen, is already considering options for my setup and will be helping me with a single man tent, and a military grade backpack. I am truly blessed to have such support from friends and family.
The other big news in my direction, is that B.O. who had previously resigned from the journey, MAY be joining forces with me again. I have somewhat mixed feelings, and I think that is fair, although BRIAN, you know I love you man. Do what you think you need to do, and I will do the same. If it happens to take us on the same road, then I'll be more than happy to team up again. Bottom line is that, I have no intention of controlling this trip. To attempt to do so, would result in a defeat that I think my comrades have had a sense of since Minnesota. Im just going to ride through one day at a time, and take things as they come. To quote Steinbecks "Travels With Charley," (an enormous inspiration to my writing, and this trip itself)
"You dont take a trip, a trip takes you."
More to come soon everybody, Please utilize the "FOLLOW" option on the right side of the page here- it means alot to me that I can see all the people that will be traveling with me in a sense. Thanks so much for all the interest, support, and advice guys! Untill we meet again...

Joseph R. Reeves Esq.

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