B.O. was good enough to make the 5 hour journey to Charlotte NC, from Jacksonville NC, so I could get a really cheap plane ticket. His energetic pose is reflective of a new beginning for what is truly becoming "THE LAST GREAT american JOURNEY."

What a beautiful skyline Charlotte had, Brian is just quite the uptown girl here eh?

An openly appreciative plug for "The Green Rice Gallery."

Look at B.O. and his grin- what a ham! Of course the company of such a lovely girl might prompt such a response from even the great Bryan. Carla, the owner of "the Green Rice Gallery," located in the center of the throbbing arts district of "NoDa" in Charlotte, was good enough to share a drink with us and tell us a bit about the lovely city. Thanks so much Carla! If anyone finds themselves in Charlotte with the unsatisfied urge for some art, be sure to check out "The Green Rice Gallery," (www.green-rice.com)

One of the greatest feelings I've had on the trip, was to pack my bag to the brim with everything I needed to live for the next year. To really stand back and see it packed up as such, really is thereputic in relieveing a person of the weight of a possesion based existance. Before I go back to that type of life (even in a modest sense), I will be finding meaning and happiness in myself, and not the superficial aspects of plastic belongings.

In case you didn't know, I am officially opening up offices in the parkinglots of establishments with free internet all around the country. This was where we found (on craigslist of course!) some insightful suggestions as to where we might find some good art, music, and fun in an unknown city. Thanks again Craigslist!

As me and Bryan sped out of Charlotte the next day, we found some hitchhikers on the side of the road. We figured since we would soon be in a similar situation, we would give them a ride to Raleigh NC. They had some great advice on survival and train hopping in particular.

So pretty (sigh...)

I love playing with light and photography!

I don't know why, but I really like putting people on the spot and getting pictures of them- heres some fine citezens of Charlotte.

Honestly, I slept so comfortably in our little traveling apartment! Brian was able to snag this adorable picture as I dreampt of our future travels. If gas wasn't an issue, it would be easy to get around living in the van- but unfortunately, we just cant fork over all that money on gas.

We parked here for a gallery crawl in the NoDa art district outside Charlotte. Notice my clever cowboy hat disguise- they'll never know im a hippie from the north, haha!

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